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Екатерина Антонович
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Katrina Antonovich - Influential Opinion Leader in Interior Design Industry

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Katrina Antonovich says that she, as a designer, is inspired by unusual fabrics and textures, the play of light and shades, luxurious and unusual things for mood. Designer and decorator Katrina Antonovich is in demand in the USA, UAE and Europe. Her style is always elegant, with impeccable taste and color. Design interiors are always bright and recognizable, because Katrina fills them with special charm with the help of accents, details and accessories. Her interiors are like paintings, always filled with colors and expressive details. Glamorous interiors full of bright colors and all kinds of details are about Katrina Antonovich. The designer herself says that she likes to add a touch of luxury and lightheartedness to her work.
Under the clear guidance of Katrina Antonovich — the top interior designer with leading positions in the world market, the creative team of the company demonstrated professionalism and a high level in the design of various types of premises — private houses and penthouses, apartments in multi-storey buildings with a different number of rooms, studio apartments, as well as offices, restaurants, hotel complexes. Each design project of Katrina Antonovich is carefully thought out and agreed with the customer. All conditions are taken into account — the location of the room, its layout, purpose and intended use.

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