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Екатерина Антонович
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Luxury Home Interior and Decoration by Leading Designer Katrina Antonovich

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Luxury is a surprisingly non-uniform term. Someone relates it to aesthetics, someone — to pomposity. But when it comes to interior design, no one can argue that “luxury” is a lifestyle. This statement is guided by the famous interior designer of our time — Katrina Antonovich. Her idea of luxurious interior design is achieved by using a variety of styles, each of which brings freshness and a new look to the visual display.
Katrina is inspired by unusual fabrics and textures, play of light and shadows, luxurious and unusual things for your mood. Designer and decorator Katrina Antonovich is also in demand in the United States and Europe. Her style is always elegant, with impeccable taste and color, her design interiors are always filled with special charm with accents, details and accessories. The designer herself says that she likes to add a touch of luxury and carelessness to her work. Thanks to her light touch, Hollywood mansions acquire recognizable features of the historical and cultural traditions of other countries, that conquer the hearts of connoisseurs.

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